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Welcome to Visan Trust, a passionate organization that aims to liberate young women’s potential and transform lives. Our trust is dedicated to fostering an environment where each girl may develop, fulfil her potential, and give back to her neighborhood. Through a variety of program and activities, we hope to remove obstacles, promote equity, and ignite long-lasting change.







Who We Are

Dr. Vinod Shah, a Chemical Engineer and founder of Chembond group Companies, actively supported education, medicine, and health projects. In 1999, he established the Visan Trust to reduce waterborne diseases by promoting safe drinking water practices and sanitation. The trust distributes informative materials, conducts training sessions, and raises awareness about safe water and hygiene. It also focuses on the welfare of underprivileged children and neglected communities. The Visan Children Centre, established in 1999, supports the well-being and development of girls. In December 2001, the Indian arm of the Visan Center was established, offering activities for girls. The Chembond Children’s Centre operates non-formal educational institutes in 15 villages, providing personalized attention, self-development courses, camps, healthcare and life skills seminars, and scholarships assistance for students.

What we do

The Visan Trust Children’s Centre runs non-formal educational institutes in 15 villages surrounding Tarapur. These centers attempt to supplement the school curriculum by providing pupils with personalized attention and boosting females’ self-esteem through activities such as martial arts, dance, painting, chess, kho kho, sewing, and other self-development courses. In addition to afore mentioned, the Centre organizes camps and seminars on health care and life skills, as well as assists students in obtaining scholarships.

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