Achievements / Success Stories

Kajal Kailash Katkar, a resident of Narlipada in Shigaon, is a student facing financial difficulties. She joined our institution in the sixth grade. Upon recognizing her need, our institution provided her with one school bag, which brought her immense joy. Since joining us, Kajal’s academic performance has improved significantly from being average to progressing steadily. She actively participates in various cultural events such as football, karate, and competitions. Kajal is a dedicated student who attends our institution regularly, demonstrating her commitment to her education and extracurricular activities.

Manvi Hemant Ambat, a resident of Ambatpada in Parnali, has been a student since 1st grade and is currently in 4th grade. Despite being a bright student, she initially struggled with English, finding it a tedious subject compared to her love for Marathi. However, with the support of tutoring, there has been a noticeable improvement in her performance. Thanks to the efforts of the tutors at Visan Trust, Manvi’s skills in English have significantly developed, and she now speaks the language confidently. The mentors and trust has played a pivotal role in shaping her educational journey, fostering growth in both her academic abilities and confidence.

Mayuri Vilas Valvi is currently enrolled in the 6th standard at Sheva Ashram School in Boisar. Her father is employed in a company, while her mother is a homemaker. Mayuri is an average student academically but has a keen interest in playing football. Despite her average academic performance, her passion for football is notable and contributes to her overall engagement and development in school.

Sarika Jayenda Janathe, a resident of Chandranagar in Shigaon, completed her education up to the 9th grade before marrying Mr. Jayendra Janathe. They have a son named Sarthak, who is currently studying in kindergarten, making their family of three. Sarika began attending sewing classes at our institute in November 2021 and successfully completed the program within the next 10 months. In April 2022, she was provided with a sewing machine to support her in earning a living from home by sewing clothes. This initiative has enabled Sarika to become self-sufficient and contribute to her family’s income through her sewing skills.

Nandini Suhas Kirkira is currently enrolled in the 6th grade. She resides in a household of six individuals, where her father works as a truck driver and her mother is a homemaker. Since joining our institute, Nandini has shown a significant increase in her interest in academics. Additionally, she actively participates in extracurricular activities such as football, games, and competitions. This holistic approach to education and engagement highlights Nandini’s growth and development, both academically and personally, during her time at our institute.

Sapna Suresh Khevra, a resident of Narlipada in SHigaon, has been a part of our institution since Class VI. Due to financial constraints, she was unable to afford a school bag, but we were able to provide her with one, bringing her immense happiness. Despite being brilliant in her studies, Sapna initially lacked communication skills. However, since joining our institution, she has shown significant improvement in this area and now actively participates in various competitions, cultural programs, and sports like football. We are delighted to see her transformation into a confident and engaged student who attends our classes daily with a smile on her face.

Nandini Shailesh Tandel resides in Tandelpada, SHigaon, and is currently in the 6th grade. Her family faces financial challenges, and due to this, her school bag was torn. Understanding her situation, our institute provided her with a new bag, bringing her immense joy. Despite not having attended any tuition classes previously, Nandini has shown remarkable progress since joining our institute. She has received personalized attention and tutoring to improve her academic performance. As a result, she now actively participates in contests and attends our institute regularly, demonstrating her commitment to her studies and personal development.

Suvarna Raghunath Hadal hails from Sumadipada, Shigaon, where she resides with her mother and sister, following the unfortunate death of her father. To support their family, both her mother and sister are employed. Suvarna’s educational journey began at Zilla Parishad School in Sumdipada, where she completed grades 1 through 4. Subsequently, she pursued her studies from 8th to 12th grade at Seva Ashram College in Boisar.

Upon completing her 12th grade, Suvarna enrolled in stitching classes at our institution. Recognizing her challenging financial circumstances, we provided her with a sewing machine upon the completion of her course. This assistance has empowered Suvarna to manage her household independently by utilizing her sewing skills. Her journey stands as a testament to her resilience and the transformative impact of the support provided by our institution.

Ranjana Dinesh Janathe, a resident of Chandranagar in Shigaon, has a husband who works as a laborer in a factory in Boisar, while their son is currently in 1st standard. In January 2022, Ranjana enrolled in our institute’s sewing classes, despite having to walk all the way from Chandranagar to Shivam class in Shigaon. Throughout her time at the institute, she diligently learned to stitch blouses and dresses, demonstrating a natural talent for sewing.

However, due to financial constraints, Ranjana was unable to afford a sewing machine of her own. Recognizing her dedication and potential, our institute provided her with a sewing machine to support her in becoming self-employed. With this assistance, Ranjana now runs her own sewing business, contributing to her family’s income and ensuring their financial stability. Her journey from a student at our institute to a self-employed seamstress highlights the impact of empowerment through skill development and support.