Exploring Sustainable Development: A Visit to Diganta Swaraj Foundation in Vikramgad”

A Glimpse into Diganta Swaraj Foundation’s Holistic Development Initiatives in Rural Maharashtra

On December 8, 2023, teachers Smita madam, Pranali, Bhumika, and Yogita, along with others, visited Diganta Swaraj Foundation in Vikramgad from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This foundation, led by dynamic individuals Adv. Rahul Tiwrekar and Ms. Shraddha Shringarpure, is a movement by tribal youth from Mokhada, aiming for integrated development in rural Maharashtra.

The foundation focuses on holistic development, working in Education, Healthcare, Livelihood creation, Watershed Development, and Governance in Konkan and Nashik Divisions. DSF aims to empower small holder farms in marginalized areas through methods like second cropping, promoting cultivation, introducing technology like cold storage, and engaging in allied agriculture activities.

Their initiatives extend to water and environmental conservation, emphasizing sustainable use of ecosystems, stream and rainwater harvesting, and introducing computer education in tribal ashram centers. The foundation’s overarching goal is to address issues of poverty, forced migration, water scarcity, and social justice in rural Maharashtra.

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